QAR 2.050,00
MASSADA is proud to present newest art eyewear collection inspired by Alexander Calder art works and philosophy.It has taken us a few years to analyze incredible Alexander Calder Art., and it has taken us few years to transform our thoughts and conversations into the art utility eyewear. Visited and observed Calder art. in various museums around the world.„Just as one can compose colors, or forms, so one can compose motions.” Alexander Calder. Eyewear frame is a sculpture, set in motion by the wearer. We are all actors in life theater. (Calder maybe would say in life circus ).Calder painted with shapes. We found common denominator with his philosophy as eyewear frame has only a short time to be displayed as stabile object in the optical shop on the display and then it became the kinetic sculpture , in never-ending movement for the utility of the user. This is a real life form for the frame. Being present on our face, when we nod and when we smile, put aside by the bed when we sleep. For those who use eyewear frame either for correction, comfort it is a mobile object in space. It is also a mechanical engineering substance, which is very legacy of Calder work. The piece should be timeless to make our movement in universe sustainable. Our collection , in ultra thin β Titanium consist.

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