QAR 3.200,00

At the heart of life's incessant whirlwind, we are often captivated by illusory mirages of fleeting success and prefabricated happiness. It is imperative to remember not to succumb to the illusion of excess but instead to immerse ourselves in the simple and authentic beauty that surrounds us. One likes to think that Mirage becomes a declaration of resistance to the frenetic race, a celebration of the clarity found in moments of pause, embodying the art of consuming less but better. Mirage exemplifies the subtle distinction of Lunetterie Générale, a discreet luxury that can come to life in a myriad of ways as desired. As a true filter between the ephemeral and the eternal, Mirage serves as an armor against the superficiality of modernity, a powerful reminder to embrace the true splendor of the present moment.

Size.    49-22-145

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