QAR 1.850,00

In 1960, Federico Fellini’s movie La Dolce Vita addressed themes of romance, melancholy and the insatiable desire to exist. The famous Italian filmmaker paints an immaculate yet romantic picture of Italy where life is only based on mise en scène and the entertainment serves to forget the boredom and deep loneliness that haunts us all. The illusion of happiness through artificiality is what Fellini is trying to convey through his own eyes. Furthermore, it implies that we all are in the pursuit of the true meaning of this bittersweet life. What is life if one cannot live by sincere emotions and passion.

The Dolce Vita was created to reflect the ever so sweet lifestyle one would be living in Fellini’s chef d’œuvre or on a vacation you would spend during a summer where life’s clock would stop and you could appreciate every second of serenity. La Dolce Vita is that marvelous feeling of romantic freedom where everything is possible and where even the craziest of ideas bring on new opportunities and a chance at discovery. With refreshing colors and a pronounced panto shape, this timeless vintage frame evokes the Mediterranean charm of coastal villages where life seems so simple, authentic, and where time seems to slow down.

Slim vintage-inspired temples with anti-slip grip
Custom 5-barrel welded hinges
Signature engraved design wire core
Signature engraved beauty marks
Backside anti-reflective treatment
100% UV protection

Size.    47-23-147

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