QAR 2.350,00


TAVAT SoupCan | Special Edition | When Design is Limitless
TAVAT continues to push the envelope, and challenge their original design, by incorporating new & unique applications of different materials. This is a special take on TAVAT’s popular SoupCan frame. It’s more exclusive with undeniably more style.

Originality implies being bold enough to go beyond accepted norms. With that ethos, TAVAT introduces “Pantos Mask.” TAVAT intentionally draws more attention to their popular SoupCan frame by adding another frame to the mix! An acetate frame front has been milled to perfection, and then is inserted into the body of their “Pantos C 2.0" model. That’s right, there are two frames in one with two times more the fun.

Comes equipped with TAVAT's industry-leading 'TLT: Melanin Lenses' / Blocks 100% UV Light & up-to 98% of Violet-Blue (HEV) Light

Instantly Iconic / 'Sandwich' Frame Construction / Each frame undergoes more than 100+ production steps / Very Strong

Size.    46-26-148

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